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Third Academic Committee
In The academic team, the Centre established the Third Academic Committee , its members of the Academic Committee included well-known experts and scholars from the six provinces in central. Its members are:
Director: Professor Zhou shaosin,the former party secretary at Nanchang University.
Deputy Director: Professor Guo xibao, the director of the Economic Development and Research Centre.
Professor Fan hengshan: the well-known economist, the National Development and Reform Commission Secretary for the regional economy.
Professor Xiao zhouji: the famous economist ,at Peking university.
Professor Chen dongsheng: the vice-chairman of The China’s Regional Economics Academy.
Professor Du hongwen: Member of the Social Science Committee at Ministry of Education and the vice-chairman of the China International Economic Association, the former Vice President of People’s Universityof China .
Researcher Yao mugen: Academic consultant, director of Jiangxi province development and reform committee.