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Academic consultants
The second term
NameSexBirth DateDetailed information
LiboxiFemale1935-10Detailed information
ChendongshengMale1935-10Detailed information
The third term
NameSexBirth DateDetailed information
Fan henshanMale1957-10Detailed information
Xiao zhuojiMale1933-12-4Detailed information
Chen dongshengMale1935-10Detailed information
Du houwenMale1938-7Detailed information
Sun gangMale1953-3Detailed information
Yao mugenMale1964-1-1Detailed information
Fan Hengshan: Professor, Director of Regional Economy Department of the National Development and Reform Commission. Xiao Zhuoji: Professor of Peking University, national famous economist. Chen Dongsheng: Professor, well-known regional economist and vice president of China's Regional Economic Society. Du Houwen: Professor,member of Ministry of Education Social Science Committee, vice president of World Economy Society in China, former vice president of Renmin University of China. Yao Mugen: Researcher, director of Development and Reform Commission in Jiangxi Province