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Research Projects
Research projects in 2007

 1  Research on Enterprise internationalization growth strategic pattern and countermeasures

Peng diyun

 2  Nanchang population and the housing market research

He yun

 3  Research on cultivation and covariance control path of urban agglomeration of Jiangxi province under the background of the rise of the central region

Liu yaobin

 4  Intangible regional economic development space correlation analysis and spatial regulation strategies

Chen fei

 5  The company + peasant household business mode operation mechanism research

Tu guopin

 6  Characteristics of rural land conflict and avoidance mechanism in the process of accelerating urbanization in Jiangxi province

Liu yaobin

 7 Research on resources carrying capacity, resources compensation for resources development mechanism and policy of resources city of the central region

Fu chun

 8  Technology system research in the process of the Socialist new rural construction

Zhou shaosen

 9  Migration’s shaking off poverty and entrepreneurial mode study in the Yangtze river flood storage and flood detention basin

Fu chun

 10  City group around poyang lake development strategy research

Huang xinjian

 11  Research on development of modern service industry in Jiangxi

Zheng keqiang

 12  Social planning report and provincial and regional planning program of Jiangxi branches of China development bank in 2007

Zheng keqiang

 13  Research on defusing the risk of local university district construction’s debt and countermeasures  

Zheng keqiang

 14  Research on long-effect mechanism increased farmer income in the central area? The rural human capital enhancement and technology service system construction

Zhou shaosen

 15  Research on economic growth mode and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in the central regions

Fu chun、Zhou shaosen

 16  Measure theory and empirical research in the process of appropriate urbanization under the restriction of resources and environment

Liu yaobin

 17  The analysis of transportation’s role in Jiangxi economic development and countermeasures  for its development

Zha weixiong