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CCCED continuously specially named attended the meeting on the rise of the central region, which was held by the relevant departments of the state, the central province government and academic organizations, and make the speech at the meeting to propose the special policy recommendations. In another ,Through the center bared the research topic entrusted by the national departments ,local government departments ,enterprises and institutions, absorbing experts, scholars and staff to develop the research cooperatively who come from university and practical department of six provinces of the centre of China, sending specialized researchers to work on actual departments. As a result, it can supply the consulting service to the relevant departments of the state, province government and society, so that it will improve ability to solve the comprehensive practice problems and participate in important decisions. Now, it is becoming the influence consulting services regions in China, especially in the center of China. This year, The projects which were planning and decision-making by the government and hosted by the major personnel of the center are those:
Dr FU Chun of the Center inspected Flood Control Project of Hunan province for environmental experts from an GHD international consulting firm of Australian
The Center auspicesed the Soft Science Project—research of evaluation index system for provincial economic performance which is constructed by Science and Technology Department of NPC Financial and Economic Committee of Jiangxi Province
The Center trained the front-line personnel initiatively for providing intellectual protection for the rising of Central Region of China
Someone of the Center was invited by the Asian Development Bank for assessing projects
Someone of the Center participated in National People's Congress’s researching seminars, and proposaled policy recommendations for developing technological innovation and the of rural education
Someone of the Center participated in the forum to promote the rise of the central region which was held by related central departments, and proposed policy recommendations for the promotion of Central Region in China
The Center hosted a major issue of Jiangxi province’s educational science planning which was constructed for educational development’s 'eleventh five-year' planning and development strategy of 2020 year in Jiangxi province
The Center presented policy recommendations for the rising of Central Region in China to the national relevant departments
The Center involved in the research project of "Eleventh Five-Year" technology planning of Jiangxi province