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Since this year, "the center" continuously specially named attended the meeting on the rise of the central region, which was held by the relevant departments of the state, the central province government and academic organizations, and make the speech at the meeting to propose the special policy recommendations. In another ,Through the center bared the research topic entrusted by the national departments ,local government departments ,enterprises and institutions, absorbing experts, scholars and staff to develop the research cooperatively who come from university and practical department of six provinces of the centre of China, sending specialized researchers to work on actual departments. As a result, it can supply the consulting service to the relevant departments of the state, province government and society, so that it will improve ability to solve the comprehensive practice problems and participate in important decisions. Now, it is becoming the influence consulting services regions in China, especially in the center of China. This year, The projects which were planning and decision-making by the government and hosted by the major personnel of the center are those:
(1) The Policy Suggestions on Promoting The Rise of The China Central Region send to the development and reform commission and the development research center of the state;
(2) Proposing the policy suggestions on promoting the rise of the central region to the relevant government departments and making further studies about it;
(3)Proposing the policy suggestions on improving the regional innovative capacity and speeding up the development of human resources to solve the problem of "Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers" to the Finance committee of National People's Congress ;
(4) Participating in plan which is the "11th five-year" science and technology development in the six provinces of central China hosted by the Chinese ministry of science and technology;
(5) Hosting the major topics of education science planning in Jiangxi province: "The development of education in Jiangxi province, ‘11th five-year’ planning and the study of the development strategy 2020”;
(6) Participating in the research of "11th five-year" plan for science and technology development in Jiangxi province;
(7) Participating in the research of "The evaluation index system in provincial economic" held by the Finance committee of Jiangxi People's Congress;
(8) Participating in the investigation and evaluation on flood situation and existing problems in Dongting Lake basin and the Yangtze river of the middle area hosted by the Asian Development Bank, and coming up i scientific suggestions on controlling flood disasters in middle area;
(9) The center is conducting the consulting services which faces the governments at all levels, enterprises and institutions and the social from all walks of life in diverse forms. March and July in 2005,according to the requirement of Jiangxi province , the center conducted short-term training on "Establish the scientific development view, begin undertaking harmoniously and accelerate rising in central China" ,which send experts divided into two groups of five points in more than 20 counties (area),and it held more than 40 teach-in to training the responsible person of the enterprise more than 20,000. So that the center is becoming the important base of the training and consulting services in economic construction and social development further;
(10) In December 2006,FuChun, The executive vice director of "the center" , invited as project evaluation experts by the Asian Development Bank, made the investigation and assessment on flood situation and existing problems in Dongting Lake basin and the Yangtze river of the middle area with international experts, and she come up the scientific strategy and advice of flood control for China's government and Hunan, Jiangxi province;
(11) Hosting wwfchina (WWF) entrust projects: “Management of integrated river basin ";
(12) Hosting the entrusted project, which is entrusted by the development and inform congress of Jiangxi province: The research on “Nanchang 'big temperature declines' regional economic development planning”. Professor Huang Xinjian, the researcher of the center, was responsible for drafting a research report, which will play an important role in the regional economic development planning;
(13) The project “Evaluation and countermeasures on economic operation quality of Nanchang Jiangxi province",which is entrusted by Finance committee of Nanchang People's Congress to FuChun who is the executive vice director of "the center", get the instructions: "This report is very good, it is broadminded with clearly analysis and measures. It deserved to be published on decision-making reference and should be send to political research section for further research.” Yu XinRong commented, who is the member of standing committee in Jiangxi Provincial Party and the secretary of Nanchang municipal Party committee;
(14)Hosting " The research on performance assessment system of the development of economy in Jiangxi province ",which is one of "The research on performance evaluation system of Jiangxi government " entrusted by the development research center of Jiangxi people’s government ;
(15) Professor FuChun, the executive vice director of "the center" , engaged by the Shanghai Sogreah company as an expert, went Qingdao to make counseling for the loan project of Asian Bank - " The management of water quality in Qingdao";
(16) The subject on the social planning report of the state development bank Jiangxi provincial branch and the program of the regional planning ,the entrust projects hosted by Nation Development Bank Jiangxi provincial branch ,is hosted by Zheng KeJiang who is the executive director of the center. According to the experts organized by the Nation Development Bank branch Jiangxi provincial branch, the contents and the suggestion of this report is feasible and operable, and it will take an import part in developing business presses.