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In 2005, the Center held two significant national symposiums and an international symposium. On March 10, 2005, “Rise of Central China Symposium and the premiere of the Central Of China Development Essays was held ceremoniously at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Octagon Court , The six academicians and the prominent experts and scholars of the central and central regions to the various research institutions were attended the meeting. There are more than 30 media outlets rushing to report on the meeting. People's Daily (March 11, 2005, the 18th edition) and the Guangming Daily (March 11, 2005, the eighth edition) reported the conference with the entire edition, which caused great repercussions. The seminar on "China and Central Development Essays" premiere was also held. Cheng Siwei who is the vice chairman of the National People's Congress sent blessings to the General Assembly. The experts analyzed the current macro-economic form and raised a lot of feasible implementation plans to promote the rise of the central according to the specific circumstances.
The Eleventh International Conference on the theme of Regional Perspective Of Asian Government Policies And Business Strategy was hosted on May 2005 19 - 20. The professors, experts, and doctors ,totaling more than 40 of Domestic and foreign universities and institutions attended the meeting ,such as Nanchang University, Universite de Poitiers , Universite de Pau et des Pays del 'Adour, 1nstitut National de Te1ecommunications, University of Limerick, University of Sheffield , YoKohama National University, Universitatea diu Barcelona, ESCEM Tours, University of Indonesia, Fudan University, Beijing University of Technology, Jiangxi University of Finance, Citroen, PGC finance companies . Francois de GRAILLY who is the consulate general of French embassy in Wuhan consulate and Pauld’ AZEMAR who is cooperation and cultural commissioner made a special trip to Nanchang University to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech to congratulate the convening of the international conference.
With the energetic support of the China's regional economy Institute, the Center hosted a Coordinated Development Of Regional Economy And The Rise Of Central China And 2005 China Regional Economics Conference on July 21-24, 2005, in Jinggangshan of Jiangxi province. More than 20 scientific research institutions from The National Development and Reform Commission, the State Council Development Research Center, the State Council Western Development Office, and throughout the country participated in the meeting .As well as more than 120 leaders, experts and scholars from 50 institutions of higher learning such as Chinese People's University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University and so on. National People's Congress Committee, Provincial People's Congress vice deputy director -WanXuewen gave a welcomed speech and Professor ChenDongsheng gave a talk who is a well-known regional economist and vice president of China's Regional Economic Society. Differences in central and western regions in situations, historical and practical reasons, the central region development strategy, development policy and other issues were under the discussion in the meeting.
July 12 to 13 of 2006, the Central Regional Development and Innovation Seminar sponsored by the "Center" was held in Lushan. The meeting was officially under the Ministry of Education's (Education and Social Sciences letter [2006] 7) approval that Nanchang University as central China's economic development research center has become the Ministry of Education key research base of humanities and social sciences .It conveyed the expectations of the ministry of education and the provincial leaders, brought together congratulations of guests and friends ,Especially absorbed the wisdom of experts and scholars ,which played a positive role in promoting the rise of Central China and Jiangxi rising in the central .More than 50 administrative officials, experts and scholars attended the meeting , They were from the Ministry of Education and other central departments, the central provinces and the eastern and western part of the provinces, some domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, news media .
On March 7, 2007, The International Seminar For Building Sustainable Development System which sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission Department of Regional Economy and the World Bank and undertook by Nanchang university in central China economic development research center, Wuhan university of regional economic development and research center was held successfully in LuoJiashan village at Wuhan University,. A total of more than 140 officials from six provincial Development and Reform Commission were present at the seminar.
In May 2007 ,The International Symposium On Poverty Alleviation And Common Development (the design and evaluation of project) sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, the World Bank Institute and Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, undertook by Nanchang University in central China economic development research center was successfully held in Nanchang. About 100 government leaders and experts from the World Bank, the Ministry of Finance, National Bureau of Statistics and the Chinese International Poverty Reduction Center (The central research center Participated in lectures and comment )participated in the seminar.
On December 22-23, 2007, 'the regional economic cooperation and interaction' conference and the Ministry of Education, humanities and social sciences key research base on regional economic development and research centers cooperation association’ was held in Nanchang. More than 40 people attended the meeting, which are all from the key research bases such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Wuhan University, Henan University, Shanxi Normal University, Shenzhen University and Liaoning Normal University and so on.