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Blue Book On Economy Development of Central China Regions (2007)

Blue Book On Economy Development of Central China Regions (2008)

Central regional economic and regional coordination development /1
Economic development situation analysis and prospect of central region/1
Zhou Shaosen,Luo Xubin/1
Separation of powers, fiscal federalism and economic rising in central region of China/14
Xu Bin/14
Impact factors measure of coal urban economic development in central region/20
Zhang Anjun,Wu Qiang,Liu Yaobin/20
Preliminary exploration of problems of economic integration during promoting the rise of central region/26
Xu Han/26
Preliminary exploration of progress of central region rising and strategic innovation/30
Gong Lingyan/30
Current situation and countermeasures analysis of modern service industry development in central region of China/35
Meng Qian/35
Salient features, concerns of the typical problems and a number of policy recommendations of the general economy operation in Jiangxi Province at present/39
Wang Zhiguo/39
Industry and industrial clusters of central region/44
Quantitative selection research of agricultural production systems leading industry in Jiangxi province/44
Tu Guoping,Jia Renan/44
Report of agricultural industrialization research in Jiangxi province/54
Wang Zhiguo/54
Dominant industries of Wuhan city circle empirical analysis/67
Wu Chuanqing,Zhou Zhiping,Yang Xiaoqin/67
Natural resources and ecological economy of central region/82
Thinking of ecological protection and construction for Pearl River, Gan River and Xiang River source region/82
Xiong Xiaoqing/82
Comprehensive carrying capacity of lake assessment analysis/89
Lin Yongqin,Fu Chun/89
Temporal and spatial changes research of food production and livestock development coordinated status in Fujian province /96
Yao Chengsheng/96
Technical innovation and human resource development in central region /104
Strengthening capacity-building of rural public service/104
He Xican,Zhou Shaosen/104
Unified technology market and operating mechanism of The Yangtze River Delta/110
Xie Fuji,Pang Yetao/110
Development research of corporate culture Communication based on interpersonal communication/116
Chen Hongwei,Zhou Shaosen/116
Economic development annual evaluation report of central region/127
Synthesis evaluation and survey of economic development in central region/127
Zhou Di,Gao Linjuan,Duan Yufang/127
Synthesis evaluation and survey of resources and environment in central region/148
Jiang Xiaolu,Yang Xinmei,Liu Yaobin/148
Synthesis evaluation and survey of human resources and technological innovation in central region/162
Luo Xubin,Zhou Shaosen/162
News of economic developments in central region/178
Introduction of event/178
Chronicle of event/181